A simply readable Hacker News web app

Available on the web

Optimized for the iPhone & iPod Touch.

Specially designed to look & feel like a native iOS app. Experience the best of both web and native, right at your fingertips.

Screenshot of Hacker News web app on iPhone Another creenshot of Hacker News web app on iPhone

Optimized for the iPad too.

It's not a blown-up, stretched-out app and it takes full advantange of the larger screen.

Screenshot of Hacker News web app on iPad

Works for other web browsers as well.

Don't worry, non-iOS users are not left out. This 'web' interface is for everyone else.

Screenshot of Hacker News web app on a desktop web browser Screenshot of Hacker News web app on a mobile web browser

Not a lot of fancy features.

Only read, no write

You can't upvote stories or even post anything. You can't log in either. Just spend all your time browsing front-page stories, reading articles and reading comments. Pure reading bliss.

Threaded comments

HackerWeb displays a nicely threaded interface for comments. If there are too many comments on the page, HackerWeb intelligently collapses them so that you don't have to scroll like mad.

Shows subdomains

Hacker News doesn't show subdomains for domains beside stories, which may sometimes confuse readers. HackerWeb shows them and restores faith in humanity.

Beautiful poll chart

If the story contains a poll, HackerWeb will show a poll bar chart to visualize the points for each choice. Way better than just plain numbers and text.

Automatic updates

HackerWeb silently auto-updates itself to the latest version and you won't even notice it. No interruptions, no prompts, no action needed.

Just give it a try.